Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Can't Change the Usual Process; Paper first then Computer! by Debbie Bagnato

As I struggle to write the "lines" in my head quickly so as not to lose something good, I think, "Maybe I should just go on the computer?" Which sounds logical, rational, and a means to more speedy results. BUT, the rule of writing for me,always begins on paper. When I was a child learning to write, there really was no alternative so when I established my personal writing habits (a very long time ago) this was the routine. To abruptly change the process now is not only a sacrilege of sorts but has also proven to be unproductive. Whenever I try to tackle a new project this way, I end up back on the paper, scribbling notes, scratching out lines and feeling my confidence return. In the case of Lysistrata (rewrite) I seem to be making so little progress, mainly because the book is large and the print is rather small, but this is the translation I prefer to work from. The feeling of "Oh God, I'll never finish" is simply because the opening section of my intended Scene I is taking forever to adapt in the fashion I have planned. There are many different "voices" in his opening scene and I want to make them all real and also saying something worth hearing. The outcome is that I seem to move forward ever so slowly, that the possibility of finishing by May 2017 seems unlikely--and I am  being gentle... In truth, I know it will happen, and I am almost to the place I set as my initial goal for putting the paper aside, moving to the computer and typing it all up neatly. I know this is the place where massive editing, line changes, and assorted other sundries can be as simple as the touch of my delete key. The only problem is that now, because it has taken this long to arrive here, I am nervous to take the plunge. Perhaps I know that this step up to writing on the computer will pull me in to the story I am creating from his great piece, even further than I am already and I will need to edit almost all of what I have written thus far. More importantly...drumroll, please...I will have to move forward with the writing and completion of this iinsanity. Then will begin the true editing process, and all the bigger changes, additions, and stage business needed to make my humble, though overreaching attempt at transposing Aristophanes seminal piece of humor from 411 B.C.E. Athens to a downtown Jersey City Shoprite circa 2016. And make that transposition something worth reading and hopefully seeing onstage.. It is intimidating--daunting actually--so it's no wonder I have cold feet. BUT, I promise you all, the numerous pages of handwritten "stuff" will be getting an upgrade to the bright screen of my desktop as I have only a small piece of opening"rewrite" to finish and I will then be at that goal I set. I have decided the balance of the small changes, additions of lines, voices, and stage notes will be more easily accomplished on the computer so, after that part gets finished--this evening for certain--we are moivng on up to the shiny screen. Please say a prayer, I really need it.

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