Thursday, April 20, 2017

Blogger's on my Website!!! by Debbie Bagnato

So, I somehow managed to get Blogger on my website and am eternally grateful  it was simple to do!  Truthfully, it looked as if it was going to be a pain in the butt and when I googled it, was told (on one Website) that Wix did not support this activity. But then I figured I should check some other sites and the outcome was worth my trouble. I've been reviewing each page of my site now and trying to catch anything I previously missed--particularly the pages I wrote for my Gallery. The next section on the agenda, is a final review of my Real Character cast list; hoping I did a decent job with my earlier revisions as everything is situated to work with the pictures on these pages. But once I get through that group of pages I'll go through my actual project--my adaptation of Lysistrata--scene by scene. I'm praying that I don't want to change large pieces of it, but think I was satisfied with most of the project. I know myself though and I'll probably tinker with a line or stage direction here, there and everywhere. I will use restraint and try to picture this as not only a piece of writing but also a potential performance--for a lot of actors. The cast list is enormous which is why I included alternatives for casting directors; there is a section which provides the roles that can be doubled or tripled by actors allowing diversity for character actors and more opportunities to be onstage. It also cuts the cast in half and relieves backstage traffic. Not to mention money if one is paying actors for their performance; not an issue with high school or college theatre but AEA would not approve of unpaid performers... I realize that I am almost finished and can press the little "publish" button anytime now. That makes me rather nervous though--I want to push that key with Dr. Z (I am in rhyming mode today for some reason...) The difficult part is to make time--and see if she is available when I am. Hopefully I can be fully prepared by the middle to end of next week and she can spare a few minutes to sit with me--if not I will do this on my own and immediately email her in my angst that I have missed something of great magnitude. Jeez, I'm such a nerd...
My other project is moving along in spurts, but that's how this play has progressed from the beginning, as well as returning to scenes and adding dialogue and all of the stage directions that are in my head but need to be on the page. Hopefully, I will be finishing that by next week (the latest) and will continue my revisions as I go. Then I need to reach out to Premiere Stages and find out when I might submit this play as it has a very small cast and might be accepted by them--if they find it worthwhile. It does not address a social issue of any specification as many of the plays they produce do, but simply is creative nonfiction presented in a humorous, yet honest fashion. I 'll submit anyway and take any pointers I may receive. Lord knows, I need all the help I can get!
That's it for now; hope everyone is wrapping up their loose ends and feeling excited about what we have all done. Pretty soon guys, we'll be graduating; this really flew by! And I am so grateful that I got to meet and share all of this time with you and be blessed with our Dr. Z leading us all the way. See you all soon!

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