Thursday, April 27, 2017

By Gum, I think I'm Ready to Publish! by Debbie Bagnato

Yes that's the reality, I believe the site is finally ready. BUT then I find some small piece of wording on a page--other than the play I adapted (the actual project) and begin to revise that...So, I wait another day and find some other minute section I want to reword, ever so slightly, and so the tale goes. But, I had wanted to visit Dr. Z and do the actual publishing with her--a sort of security blanket? And that might be what I am waiting for--except my schedule is unpredictable of late--and sometimes erratic. And she is even busier than I am! These next few days will decide it for me--once I see my work schedule for next week, I can either go ahead and take that plunge (actually, push the little button that says "publish") or I can email my mentor and see if perhaps we can squeeze in one short piece of time. The concerns are non-related to the writing; I went word by word and found a few details to change but feel pretty confident it is in good shape. It is in the other pages that are directed to the reading public--the world of the internet. Among which will be my co-workerrs looking to see if they are mentioned, listed in the cast, and if their photos look presentable on my website.
My hope is that they are all pleased with what I have done; the store is the "setting" for my entire adaptation. Many of my co-workers are the modern-day cast members who shadow the original characters Aristophanes created back in 411 BCE. I simply noticed the similarities--and often exaggerated the likenesses--to create this piece set in this situation with these people. I feel a bit like I have stage fright--and the only cure for that is to get out onstage. If I feel the need to publish will remedy these cold feet, I will go ahead. Of course, I will be looking and checking all pages later (I just finished...) and then finishing up my other piece. I think my next blog might be read--if you choose to follow--on my website! Hope everyone is moving confidently towards their big finish and cannot wait to see you all on the eighth. Bye for now my writing chums.

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